At the heart of any good stats tracking app is the game.  Team and player stats all occur within a game.  SportScience is no different.  Where we differ is that we give you three free games for every team you create and provide you the opportunity to purchase additional games.  

SportScience understands that purchasing an app can be a big investment, so we want you to test out the app to make sure it does what you want/need.  The Flexibility of the SportScience payment structure allows you to customize your statistical tracking experience.  Not everybody plays the same number of games, so your stats tracking app should be flexible too.  SportScience provides maximum flexibility and offers bigger discounts the more games you need.

Other tracking apps can cost $100 per month but SportScience wants to bring analytics to the masses at an affordable price point.

SportScience Single Game
If you just want to purchase on a game-by-game basis, our SportScience Single Game option is perfect for you.  The cost for a SportScience single game is $1.49.

SportScience 10 Game Pack
Feel like you may want to track a larger sample?  SportScience offers our SportScience 10 Game Pack for $13.99 which, if purchased, provides a 7% discount—bringing the per game cost down to $$1.39.

SportScience 20 Game Pack
Feel like jumping a little deeper into the analytics rabbit hole?  Our SportScience 20 Game Pack for $23.99 may be right for you.  This provides a 19.5% discount off the price of purchasing games individually.  The per game cost now becomes $1.20.

SportScience Full Season
To really get the most out of tracking, you need to collect a full season of data.  Our SportScience Full Season option for $49.99 is the most economical option we offer.  Price includes full season, no matter how many games are played.  Assuming your team plays 50 games (including exhibition, tournament, league and playoff games), this package provides at least a 33% discount when compared to the Single Game option.  At most, the per game cost is now $1.